New Products for the TOF-ICP-MS Mass Cytometers

Glass Expansion has four decades of experience manufacturing sample introduction components for ICP-MS and has earned a world-wide reputation for quality and reliability. Continuing this tradition, we are pleased to announce the release of our TOF-ICP-MS Mass Cytometers Product line.

Interface Cones

Interface Cones

Glass Expansion is proud to be the first and only ICP-MS cone manufacturer with the required technology and equipment to produce the full range of ICP-MS cones entirely in-house.

Glass Expansion's manufacturing capabilities for this include: CNC Machining, Precision Grinding, Electron Beam Welding and Electroless Nickel Plating. This results in our company being able to maintain the highest level of precision, quality and reliability standards.

We are now able to offer our line of high quality cones for Mass Cytometers and invite you to take advantage of our Guarantee:

  • Meet or exceed OEM specifications
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
FL9001-Ni Sampler Cone, Nickel
FL9005 Skimmer/Reducer Cone Assy, Nickel
70-803-1564 O-rings, Viton Skimmer Cone (PKT 5)
70-803-1565 O-rings, Viton Sampler Cone (PKT 5)

High Efficiency MicroMist Nebulizer

High Efficiency MicroMist Nebulizer

All Glass Expansion concentric glass nebulizers feature our unique VitriCone capillary construction delivering you the best possible manufacturing precision.

Glass Expansion is the only manufacturer that takes thick walled constant-bore tubing and machines the outside to a uniform aerodynamic shape. This guarantees a uniform sample channel, assuring tolerance to high matrix samples and perfect reproducibility.

We have applied this technology along with over 30 years of nebulizer design expertise, to develop a version of our popular MicroMist nebulizer specifically for single cell applications.

Benefits Include:

  • Superb transport efficiency at low sample uptake rates (15 to 45 μL/min) to ensure individual intact cells are transported into the plasma for measurement
  • Constant diameter, large bore sample channel minimizes blockages from sample build-up commonly experienced with biological samples
  • Rigid, precision machined thick-walled glass sample capillary gives the best analytical precision by resisting harmonic vibrations from the high linear velocity of the surrounding argon gas flow
  • Inert, metal-free DC gas fittings with ratchet mechanism give reliable, reproducible leak-free Ar connections

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
C21-1-UFT02 MicroMist U-Series Nebulizer 0.2mL/min uptake
FT-16-8-X Nexus Universal Connection Kit

Proper Nebulizer Maintenance

With proper nebulizer maintenance you can prolong the performance and lifetime of your Glass Expansion nebulizer.

Our Eluo nebulizer cleaning tool is designed to efficiently deliver a cleaning solution through the nebulizer capillary to dislodge particle build-up and thoroughly clean the nebulizer.

We suggest using the Eluo regularly to maintain nebulizer performance and prolong nebulizer life.

We have found that using a dilute concentration of Fluka RBS-25 (Fluka RBS-25 is manufactured by Sigma-Aldrich, and is available from most suppliers of laboratory chemicals) is the best cleaning solution. Stubborn clogs may require an overnight soak or additional cleaning with nitric acid.

Ordering Information

Part Number Common Accessories
70-ELUO Eluo Nebulizer Cleaner for Glass concentric Nebulizers

Why Choose a Glass Expansion RF Coil?

RF Coil

Glass Expansion coils are produced from the highest quality and purity raw materials and plated using proprietary methods to obtain maximum RF transmission efficiency.

Advantages Include:

  • High purity and consistent plating promote extended coil life
  • Each coil is supplied on a plastic former ensuring correct dimensions are maintained and allowing easier installation. These formers can be then used periodically to check the coil dimensions, so it is a good idea to keep the former even after coil installation.
  • Each coil is supplied in a special protective container to ensure correct dimensions are maintained, and the coil arrives corrosion free.
  • Correct alignment of the coil with respect to the torch body reduces devitrification of the outer tube and ensures the plasma is concentric within the torch allowing the sample aerosol to travel correctly through the plasma.

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
70-900-2006C RF Coil, Copper

Quartz Torch and Injectors

RF Coil

Glass Expansion manufacturers torches for over 50 different ICP models with a choice of design and varying degree of demountability. Our precision manufacturing capabilities combined with the highest quality raw materials allow us to meet or exceed all OEM specifications.

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
30-808-8107 Quartz Torch
31-808-4066 WB Injector
31-808-4116 HT Injector

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